Video Production in High Definition and 4K UHD

Whether your production requirements are for broadcast television, web or DVD, I can deliver your project in UHD, 4K, HD or standard defintion  

Equipment | Sony FS7 Owner & Operator

Sony FS7 4K Camera Owner and Operator with a full production kit that includes;
Sony 18-110mm servo zoom lens
Canon 70-200mm L series f/2.8 MK2 lens
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 EF lens
Matte box and filters
Miller Compass 25 tripod
Lighting: fluro's, LED's
Audio: wireless, shotgun mics

I can also supply other cameras and lenses from other operators I network with including Sony F5's, FS7's, RED Epic, XDCam 800 and other specialised equipment.